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Tampa FL

Tampa FL

Tampa FL started out as a small community of settlers who depended on the nearby Fort Brooke for security. The transformation into a big city began in the 1880s, when railroad links connected Tampa FL to the rest of the country and burgeoning phosphate mining and cigar making industries gave Tampa FL something to contribute. Workers flocked to the area and between the 180s and the early 1900s the population had jumped from around 800 to over 30,000. Today Tampa FL is home to well over 300,000 people. With so many residents naturally there are also lots of doctors and medical facilities. If you have ever been treated in Tampa, you may need to order medical records from Tampa FL. OMR can help. We can order medical records for patients as well as fulfill patient record requests for doctors and medical facilities. You can request medical records from us in paper and digital form.

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