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Seattle WA

Seattle WA

Seattle WA is a rather unique city because of its location on a narrow isthmus between Lake Washington and Puget Sound. This location makes Seattle an important center for shipping and international trade, and it also provides many picturesque settings throughout the city. Some of the most popular attractions in Seattle WA include the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, the Seattle Great Wheel, the Science Fiction Museum, and the original location of Starbucks. Many people visit Seattle WA en route to Alaska, which has given the city the nickname “Gateway to Alaska.” However, the Alaska State Ferry actually leaves out of nearby Bellingham WA. If you live in or around Seattle WA and you need to access your medical records, all you have to do is contact OMR. We’ll help you fill out the necessary paperwork to order medical records and then return them via FedEx or online download. We can also help medical facilities and physicians respond to requests for medical records.

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