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San Francisco CA

San Francisco CA

One of the oldest cities in California, San Francisco CA is also one of the most famous. It was founded in 1776, but didn’t really become important until the 1849 Gold Rush. At that time San Francisco CA became a huge center for trade and banking almost overnight. Unfortunately few buildings from this time remain due to a devastating earthquake and fire that struck in 1906. Today San Francisco CA is famous for its eclectic architecture, hilly streets, and liberal and modern attitudes. Tourists come to see icons like the Golden Gate Bridge, ride a cable car, or tour Alcatraz prison. With so much to do in San Francisco CA, you probably don’t have time to retrieve your medical records in person. With help from OMR, you can get fast and efficient assistance with ordering your medical records or having them transferred from doctor to doctor. OMR can also help medical facilities and doctors fulfill the requests for medical records that they receive.

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