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Miami FL

Miami FL

Miami FL is arguably the state’s most famous and popular city. It is known for its rich Cuban-American culture which features fantastic food and music. Miami FL may have a reputation for being hot, sweaty, and sensual, but in reality the city is not so gritty as one might suppose. In fact, in 2008 Miami FL was recognized by Forbes magazine as “America’s Cleanest City” for its good air quality, pure drinking water, and clean streets. Miami FL makes good use of its oceanside location both in terms of economics and aesthetics—many parts of the city have excellent harbor views and the Port of Miami is extremely busy with cargo ships as well as cruise ships. Biotech and medical research is also big in Miami FL. If you need to order medical records, OMR can help. We make it easy for patients to order their own records and for medical facilities to fulfill those orders.

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