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Request Medical Records in Kokomo IN

We make it easy to request medical records in Kokomo IN when you need them

Request Medical Records in Kokomo INOrderMedicalRecords.com is an expert in the field of medical records storage and transfer. We can help individuals request their own medical records as well as help medical facilities respond to these requests. No matter why you may need to request medical records in Kokomo IN, we can get those records for you quickly. We can help you to:

  • Get records to a new care provider
  • Facilitate timely records transfer between specialists and GPs
  • Secure copies of medical records from military service
  • Order records for audits and reports
  • Secure old paper records for digitizing
  • Compile records as evidence for a legal case
  • Acquire attending physician statements
  • Get employees’ medical records for evaluation
  • Order a data set for scientific research

We Help Patients Request Medical Records in Kokomo IN

It’s easy to request medical records in Kokomo IN from OMR. We have a convenient online request form, and we are also available by phone. Once we receive your request, we will submit the required forms to your doctor to authorize the records transfer. If necessary, we’ll send a certified field agent out to your doctor’s office to scan paper files so you can receive a digital copy. Our quality control team will check the scan to make sure it is of sufficient quality to be useful to you. You can then opt to receive your records on paper or as a digital download.

Services for Healthcare Providers

OrderMedicalRecords.com enables doctors and medical facilities to outsource their records release activities at no out of pocket cost. Instead of taking up your staff’s time, patients can request medical records in Kokomo IN through our website. The patient pays a fee for this service and there is no additional cost to you. For organizations that want to outsource even more activities, we also offer affordable records custodian services, including high-quality scanning of paper records for digital storage. All of our activities are conducted to the highest standards of professionalism including all HIPAA requirements.

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