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Greeley CO

Greeley CO

Greeley CO was first established as a utopian temperance colony by a New York newspaper reporter. The reporter named the colony Greeley after his former editor, Horace Greeley, the man who made the phrase “Go west young man” famous. In addition to meatpacking, the biggest source of jobs in Greeley CO is healthcare, specifically the North Colorado Medical Center which has been in business under one name or another since 1904. Whether you need to access someone else’s medical records as part of your job or your own medical records for your own personal use, OMR can help. We assist doctors, hospitals, medical groups, insurance agents, attorneys, and researchers with requests large and small. We can even serve as an official records custodian for retiring doctors or overburdened facilities. You can quickly request medical records from us in paper and digital format using our simple and convenient online order form.

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