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Garden Grove CA

Garden Grove CA

Garden Grove CA is a northern Orange County city that is known for its annual strawberry festival. The festival is held every Memorial Day weekend and draws over a quarter of a million visitors. It’s been going strong since 1958 and includes events like the cutting of the world’s largest strawberry shortcake and the awarding of the Miss Garden Grove scholarship. Strawberries aren’t the only crop grown in the area around Garden Grove CA. Chili peppers, oranges, and walnuts are also important local crops. Life in Garden Grove CA is generally quiet and pleasant and the city is considered a good place for families. If you live in Garden Grove CA and you need to access your medical records, all you have to do is contact OMR. We’ll help you fill out the necessary paperwork to order medical records and then return them via FedEx or secure online download. We can also help medical facilities and physicians respond to requests for medical records by sending files to their patients.

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