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Fullerton CA

Fullerton CA

Fullerton CA is best known as the home of the University of California Fullerton, which was established here in part to serve the many WWII vets that flocked to the area and wanted to take advantage of the GI Bill. Some lesser-known facts about Fullerton CA include the fact that the recipe for Hawaiian Punch and the first Fender Telecaster guitar were both developed here. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy a stroll through the Fullerton Arboretum, which is located next to the University, or a horseback ride in the Coyote Hills, which is one of the last open spaces in northern Orange County. Today the biggest employers in Fullerton CA are the university and St Jude Medical Group. If you work for a health plan provider, an insurance company, or an auditing company, Order Medical Records can help you access the medical records you may need for your work. We can also assist individuals with the requesting and transferring of their own medical records.

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