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Fort Wayne IN

Fort Wayne IN

The city of Fort Wayne IN dates back to the establishment of a US Army fort here in 1794. The fort’s location at the confluence of three rivers made it an attractive trading post for early settlers. When the Wabash and Erie Canal reached Fort Wayne IN, the community became a booming manufacturing center. Today Fort Wayne IN has successfully transitioned from a dependence on manufacturing to a more diversified economy of distribution, transportation, and logistics. Fort Wayne IN is known as a center of culture for the region with 15 museums and galleries, an orchestra, and a zoo. With so much to do in Fort Wayne IN, you probably don’t have time to retrieve your medical records in person. With help from OMR, you can get fast and efficient assistance with ordering your medical records or having them transferred from doctor to doctor. OMR can also help medical facilities and doctors fulfill the requests for medical records that they receive.

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