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Fort Lauderdale FL

Fort Lauderdale FL

Fort Lauderdale FL isn’t actually named after any one fort, but after three different forts built in the area starting in 1838. Due to conflicts with the Seminoles and a general lack of easy transport to the area, Fort Lauderdale FL didn’t begin growing into the big, popular city it is today until much later. Today Fort Lauderdale FL is a popular destination for tourists, especially those traveling by yacht or cruise ship. One attraction meant to attract tourists that has since gone horribly wrong is an artificial reef made from old tires. The 700,000 tires sunk to the sea bottom since the 1960s are now being removed with the help of the Coast Guard. If you have ever lived or worked in Fort Lauderdale FL, it is likely you had a medical appointment here. Now, you may find yourself needing those records. OMR can help. We can order medical records for patients as well as fulfill patient record requests for doctors and medical facilities. You can request medical records from us in paper and digital form.

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