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El Paso TX

El Paso TX

El Paso TX is a big city located at the very southwestern edge of Texas. It has strong ties to Juarez, Mexico, which sits just across the Rio Grande from El Paso TX. Together, these two cities create the largest bilingual and binational workforce in the Americas. This situation no doubt has a lot to do with the fact that El Paso’s history dates back to 1659, when the region still belonged to the Spanish territory of Mexico. When the border was drawn nearly 200 years later, many residents still considered themselves Mexican. Today El Paso’s border location makes it a prime location for federal and military installations. If you live or work in El Paso or did at one time OMR can help you order your medical records from El Paso TX medical facilities. We also fulfill patient record requests for doctors and medical facilities. You can request medical records from us in paper and digital form.

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