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Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs CO is the second-biggest city in the state, and it owes a lot of its success to the aerospace industry. In 1950 Colorado Springs CO was chosen as the headquarters of the Cold War era Air Defense Command, and in 1970 NORAD brought its headquarters here. Numerous defense contractors followed. Colorado Springs CO is regarded as one of the best big cities in the country to live in, in part because it is surrounded by so much natural beauty. Pikes Peak in particular is a classic element of the Colorado Springs CO skyline. If you have ever lived or worked in Colorado Springs CO, it is likely you had a medical appointment here. Now, you may find yourself needing those records. OMR can help. We can order medical records for patients as well as fulfill patient record requests for doctors and medical facilities. You can request medical records from us in paper and digital form.

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