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Medical Records in Chicago IL

We make requesting and transferring medical records Chicago IL easy

Medical Records Chicago IL

Need help navigating the world of medical records storage, request and retrieval? We help individuals, attorneys, insurance agents, health plan representatives, medical facilities, and others with medical records Chicago IL.

Helping Individuals and Families Access Medical Records Chicago IL

While the physical records are the property of your doctor, all the information contained in those records is yours. With help from OMR, you can ensure that you always have access to this important information. We can facilitate the transfer of your records from your old doctor to a new doctor, from your current doctor to a specialist, or from your doctor to you. Sending your medical records Chicago IL wherever you want them is as easy as filling out an online contact form.

Helping Medical Facilities and Health Plans

Let OMR handle your medical record requests and transfers and free your staff to focus on their real jobs. We will provide the same conscientious assistance whether you use us for all of your medical records transfers or just call us on a case by case basis to help with high volumes or difficult cases. We can also digitize old paper records by scanning them and serve as the record custodian for retiring physicians. Our services are also invaluable when it comes to collecting data for reporting projects and audits, because we can make sure you get all relevant records.

Helping Attorneys and Insurance Agents

Attorneys and insurance agents have enough work to do without having to worry about requesting medical records Chicago IL! We’ll handle the records request process for you to make it easy for you to get the information you need.

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