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Request Medical Records in Carmel IN

We make it easy to request medical records in Carmel IN when you need them

Request Medical Records in Carmel IN At OMR, we are dedicated to providing safe, secure, and fast medical records request fulfillment. We can help individuals request their own medical records as well as help medical facilities respond to these requests. You can trust us to fulfill your request for medical records Carmel IN quickly and help you out in a variety of different situations. For instance, you can contact us to:

  • Transfer records to a new physician
  • Ensure up to date record sharing between primary care doctors and specialists
  • Secure copies of medical records from military service
  • Order records for audits and reports
  • Obtain old records at risk of being destroyed
  • Get evidence for a disability, personal injury, or other legal case
  • Obtain attending physician statements
  • Get employees’ medical records for evaluation
  • Retrieve data for a pharmaceutical study

We Help Patients Request Medical Records in Carmel IN

It’s easy to request medical records in Carmel IN from OMR. We have a convenient online request form, and we are also available by phone. Once we receive your request, we will submit the required forms to your doctor to authorize the records transfer. If your records are on paper only, we’ll have them scanned for you. We check all the records for clarity and legibility before passing them on to you or your authorized entity in paper or digital format.

Services for Healthcare Providers

In addition to helping individual patients secure the information needed to ensure timely care, OrderMedicalRecords.com also provides a variety of services for doctors, hospitals, and medical groups. Trust us to handle all requests for records from your organization, or just turn to us for help when too many patients request medical records in Carmel IN at once. Either way we guarantee any patient who works with us will be happy with their experience. With OrderMedicalRecords.com on the job, you can rest assured that your patients’ privacy will always be respected and all HIPAA requirements will be met.

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