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Anaheim CA

Anaheim CA

The city of Anaheim CA dates back to the 1850s when Bavarian grape farmers and wine makers first established a colony here. The name Anaheim is actually German for “home by the Santa Ana River.” By the time Anaheim CA’s most famous attraction, Disneyland, opened its doors in 1955, the surrounding area was dedicated to orange groves instead of grapes. Since the 1950s, the groves and rural homes have given place to a more metropolitan environment with lots of attractions incorporated within what’s known as the Anaheim Resort. These attractions include the Anaheim Convention Center, the Honda Center, and Angel Stadium. With so much to do in Anaheim, you probably don’t have time to retrieve your medical records in person. With help from OMR, you can get fast and efficient assistance with ordering your medical records or having them transferred from doctor to doctor. OMR can also help medical facilities and doctors fulfill the requests for medical records that they receive.

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