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How can I correct an error in my medical records?  

Doctors are busy and, understandably, there might be the occasional mistake made in your medical records. However, you should correct them right away. If you notice an error with your medical records, the first step is to contact the medical facility and ask if they have a form that needs to be filled out to amend your medical records. If they do, ask them to send you the form, then fill it out clearly and concisely, and send it back in. If the correction is complicated, you may need to write a detailed description or send an accompanying letter specifying what the mistake is and why it needs to be changed. Be sure to photocopy anything that you will be submitting before mailing it in and keep it for your records.

Once you send the request in, the facility must act within 60 days. They can request a 30 day extension if they provide a reason in writing. Within the 60—or 90 day timeframe if an extension is requested—your provider is required to inform you whether your request has been accepted or denied.

Keep in mind that your provider is not required to make the change that you requested. There are several reasons why the request can be denied.

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