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Brea CA

Brea CA

The name Brea CA comes from the Spanish word for tar. This name was chosen because of the fact that the discovery of oil here in the 1890s was very important to the early growth of the community. As the oil wells began to dry up, citrus farmers moved into Brea CA, planting many lemon and orange groves. During the 1950s, Brea CA began to turn more suburban as large planned developments started cropping up. Today Brea CA is known as an important retail center surrounded by pleasant family-friendly suburbs. It has an excellent public arts program which has placed over 140 pieces of art throughout the community since 1975. This program has inspired other similar programs throughout the country. At Order Medical Records, we hope we can inspire you to take charge of your health care information by ordering your medical records through us. We can return your records in digital or paper format.

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